Die Gehirne

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experimental music and performance group
founded by Claus Löser and Florian Merkel 1983 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz)
live on stage with Gullymoy (b), Frank Maibier (voc) and other friends since 1986
several tape editions since 1986
1988-1990 live as "Orlac's Hände"

since 1987 Florian Merkel solo as >>> Knut Baltz Formation
1986-1988 Stefanie Schmoll and Florian Merkel as >>> Tropenkoller
1989 studio tape >>> Karl-Marx-Stadt Studio Big Band 1989 Schlimmer Finger

Claus Löser (g) and Florian Merkel (dr) in studio 1985

Evelin Fischer (voc, tb), Claus Löser (g, voc, tape) and Florian Merkel (dr, tape) in studio 1989

"Die Gehirne" live at "Magnetbanduntergrund" Volksbühne Berlin 2006
Sylvia Barth (voc), Claus Löser (g), Florian Merkel (dr, el)

"Die Gehirne" live at "Nachtleben" HAU 2 Berlin 2013
Medley - Frank Maibier (voc), Claus Löser (g), Florian Merkel (dr)
>>> full version 24:48